Pricing Policy

Price Range

At PICUNEPHROLOGYCOURSES.COM, we have customized pricing according to the services rendered by us. The details are provided to you beforehand according to the effort, efficiency and the output of the service. Typically the range of transactions on our website varies from 100$-200$.

Schedule of payment
Some of our services can be utilized for fixed duration. In such cases, it is clearly mentioned within the description of these services.

Price Matching
We are unable to match prices from auction and outlet stores or websites, as well as other retailers' discount promotions, shipping offers and gift card offers.

Sale Adjustment
There is no option for sale adjustment.

Pricing Errors
We work hard to ensure the accuracy of pricing. Despite our efforts, pricing errors may still occur. If an item's price is higher than the price displayed, we will cancel your order of that item and notify you of the cancellation.

Shopping Cart
Items in your Shopping Cart reflect the current price displayed on the item's product details page.
Please note: This price may differ from the price displayed when the item was first placed in your Shopping Cart. 

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